Why he is still a Labour Party member

By Portia Mao

Mr. Andre Anderson, Labour Party General Secretary, made following two points in his email regarding Morgan Xiao, an”extreme pro-Beijing” candidate for local election.

Morgan Xiao and Phil Goff, Auckland mayor,former Labour Party leader

1: Mr. Xiao is not a Labour endorsed candidate and we do not support his actions and behaviour.

2: The East Vision group that Xiao represents is not endorsed by the Labour Party.

However , there’s one question Anderson didn’t answer: Why does the Labour Party still let Morgan Xiao be a party member?

In Morgan Xiao’s latest article, he said his boss told him his role in the East Vision is to attract pro Beijing supporters. He completely ignores the fact that his behavior has been widely condemned in the community. He is said to “embrace autocracy by making use of democracy” by one of the Chinese immigrants I have interviewed.

Another person says: “Morgan does’t know what democracy is, he doesn’t know what’s right and what’s wrong. He even doesn’t know whom he represents.”